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Whether you need routine breast and cervical screening, want to investigate a breast lump, or have a family history of cancer, we are here to help. At Breast Health Friday, we prioritise breast awareness and screening. Our friendly team of expert doctors and nurses focuses solely on reducing your risk of developing cancer.

Special Offer: Thank God It’s Friday

  • Registration
  • 1:1 assessment
  • Teach you how to do your breast self-examination
  • Get your breast screening done-Clinical breast exam and mammogram (For women > 40 years)
  • Get a 20% discount on HPV Vaccination.
  • Have access to the 1 hour  Prevent Cancer Webinar to learn how to reduce your cancer risk.

This offer excludes drugs and additional tests.

Every Friday, get an exclusive 50% discount on breast screening and mammogram services.

At Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital.
24 Furo Ezimora, Marwa, Lekki Phase1

Valid Every Friday from August to December 2024 


Women aged 18-65 are eligible for these special offers

Ready to prioritise your breast health?

We look forward to welcoming you to Sebeccly Breast Clinic and helping you achieve optimal breast health.

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