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We provide an all encompassing clinic which includes;

  1. Gynae Oncology
  2. Breast Clinic
  3. Surgical Oncology
  4. Cancer Screening Clinic
  5. Lymphedema Clinic
  6. Side-effect clinic
  7. Home Base Clinic
  8. Hematology Clinic


Pearl Oncology in partnership with accredited diagnostic partners, delivers optimal diagnostic and screening services.The foundation of modern cancer care is built on accurate diagnosis and staging, as well as monitoring of the disease.

Diagnostic Oncology: It includes a clinical encounter with one of our Cancer Specialists who will take a history about your past and current health, followed by a physical examination and vital signs measurement.

Laboratory tests: Your blood, urine and faeces samples may be collected to check signs of cancers and other markers in the body.

Imaging procedures: Pictures of certain organs in the body will be taken to pick up abnormalities.

Genetic tests: A laboratory test where your blood, saliva or tissue samples are studied to look for abnormal changes in genes.


Everyday, Pearl Oncology delivers quality cancer treatment to people living with cancer led by our experienced team.We pride ourselves with our stellar clinical and oncology team, consult, design the cancer treatment plan and administer chemotherapy drugs.
At Pearl we go beyond treatment to offer you resources clarity, calmness, and confidence to fight cancer. Our treatment is multidisciplinary in approach based on providing value to you and we work with clinical guidelines to design your treatment plan.

At Pearl Oncology, we provide an ambient and quiet environment for patients who need to undergo chemotherapy, biologic therapy and immunotherapy. Receiving chemotherapy can be challenging, but at Pearl Oncology we combine knowledge, experience and empathy to provide optimal cancer care.
We work with the best surgeons and surgical oncologists to cut out tumours.
Our Consultant Radiation Oncologists at Pearl Oncology Clinic collaborate with Radiotherapy Centres in Lagos State and beyond.About 60% of cancer patients will need radiotherapy either for cure or palliation, and we are here to ensure you get a premium appointment and follow up with one of our partner radiotherapy centres.

Home Care

We understand cancer care extends beyond the four walls of our clinic, that’s why our clinical team will visit you at home to provide nursing care, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and other services.

Tumor Board

Our Pearl Oncologists are seasoned cancer doctors with an extraordinary depth of experience in diagnosing and treating all forms of cancer with a multidisciplinary approach.

Cancer is a complex disease that requires several specialists to review a patient’s case and give their opinion.We provide a consensus opinion tailored to each patient’s unique case.