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Prevent Cancer Webinar

What you get in Prevent Cancer Academy Webinar

  • ● Ask a cancer information specialist questions in a live Q&A session.
  • ● Build confidence and gain clarity on cancer prevention in a 1-hour webinar.
  • ● Create a personalized long-term cancer prevention plan.
  • ● Discount on screening plans, vaccination and medical check-ups.
  • ● Expect 5 short emails about cancer-fighting foods and immune boosters.
  • ● Focus on your healthy habits.
  • ● Great goal-setting tools for cancer prevention and a healthy lifestyle.
  • ● Have access to tools and a health-conscious community.
  • ● Instructor-led cancer awareness program by leading cancer doctors.

12 Ways to Hack Cancer

The Prevent Cancer Academy has made one of the most exciting short webinars and cancer prevention workbooks.


In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn an overview of cancer. From inherited cancers to environmental factors linked to the disease, to modifying or avoiding key risk factors and practicing evidence-based prevention strategies and so much more.


You’ll emerge with a holistic understanding of how to protect yourself.


“Remember, prevention is always better than cure”