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…help 1,200 women battle breast cancer every year

 Breast cancer remains the most common cancer and the leading cause of death among women in Nigeria. In 2020, more than 28,000 Nigerian women were diagnosed with breast cancer, resulting in over 14,000 deaths. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, many women stay without access to quality cancer care or drop out of treatment because of the high cost of care.

 In a bid to reduce the inequality in the accessibility of quality cancer care, we initiated the TGIF Breast Clinic in partnership with Pearl Oncology Clinic and Oncopadi Technologies. The TGIF Breast Clinic, a community cancer clinic gives women the best fighting chance in defeating cancer through access to subsidized services and psycho-social support.  


TGIF Breast Clinic gives 40% discounts on any but not limited to the following services:


      Diagnostic tests: Blood, imaging and tissue tests

      Quality cancer treatment: Surgery, chemotherapy and medications

      Cancer specialists: Consultant Clinical Oncologists, Surgeons, Oncology nurses etc.

      Support services: Nutrition, Counseling, Support Groups, welfare and breast prosthesis




Breast Prosthesis Brochure

Breast cancer and body image

Breast cancer can be a challenging experience for women, and it can lead to significant changes in their body image. For some women, having a prosthesis may be a temporary choice before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. However, some women may choose not to have reconstruction find it suitable to wear a breast prosthesis long term.

While some women may not feel affected by the changes, others may find accepting them hard. If you are struggling, you can get further support by reading this Pearl guide, which discusses topics like body image and relationships after treatment. This guide will address many of your breast prosthesis information needs and concerns.


What is a breast prosthesis?

A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast form that is used to replace the shape of a whole or part of the breast that has been removed. It can be fitted into a bra cup with or without a specially designed pocket. Pearl breast prostheses are made up of soft silicone gel encased in a thin film. They are moulded in a manner that resembles the natural shape of a woman’s breast or a part of it. The outer surface is soft and smooth and may include an outline of a nipple.

 When should I fit or start wearing a breast prosthesis?

After mastectomy, once your scar area is fully healed and swelling has gone down (usually within six to eight weeks), you can be fitted for a permanent silicone prosthesis.

 Breast prosthesis characteristics

Weight: Pearl silicone prostheses come in different weights, e.g. 500g, 800g, 1000g, 1200g and 1500g. Choosing the right weight for a silicone prosthesis is essential. If you prefer a balanced feel, a full-weight prosthesis that matches the weight of your other breast might be the best option.

 Full prosthesis: This prosthesis is designed to go straight against the chest wall where all breast tissue has been removed include an outline of a nipple.


When should I fit or start wearing a breast prosthesis?

After mastectomy, once your scar area is fully healed and swelling has gone down (usually within six to eight weeks), you can be fitted for a permanent silicone prosthesis. 

Skin colour: While it may not always be possible to find an exact match, several prostheses come in different colours that can match your skin tone. Choosing a prosthesis that closely matches your skin tone is highly recommended to help you feel more comfortable and confident. Some women prefer to make or purchase a cover for their prosthesis that matches their skin tone more closely.


The prosthesis fitting

When going for a prosthesis fitting, come with a well-fitting bra and a plain, light-coloured top. This makes choosing a prosthesis that gives you a good shape is more effortless. Wear a top that can be put on and taken off quickly and easily. You could also take a variety of tops with different necklines.

During the fitting process, you can expect to have ample privacy. You will have the opportunity to examine yourself in a mirror to see how the prosthesis looks both in your bra and under your clothing. Furthermore, you will be presented with various product sizes and have plenty of time to make the best selection.

How to care for your prosthesis

The prosthesis fitter will provide important information on how to care for your specific type of prosthesis. Following their advice, you can ensure that your prosthesis lasts several years. Generally speaking, you should take care of a silicone breast prosthesis as you would care for your skin. This means washing it daily with warm, soapy water and drying it with a towel.

When you are not using your prosthesis, store it in the box, it came in. Avoid catching it on sharp objects like rings or pins, as these may cause damage and lead to silicone leakage. If the prosthesis does become damaged, you can temporarily seal any tears with a sticky plaster.

Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital, in partnership with Sebeccly Cancer Care, provides clinical expertise, tailored information and emotional support to thousands of people coping with breast cancer.




A cancer coaching program for anyone impacted by cancer

You can participate in our leading virtual cancer coaching program from the comfort of your home. 

Whether you are recently diagnosed or a cancer survivor, living with cancer is stressful and scary. A cancer diagnosis and its treatment can cause financial, physical, and emotional distress. Many cancer patients experience difficulties with starting and completing treatment. Many months after treatment, some survivors will experience some side effects and concerns.


We understand that every individual’s cancer journey is unique, and everyone needs some form of support along the way. That’s why Sebecccly Cancer Care developed the GIFTS of Survivorship Program to support you in achieving a state of calmness and clarity despite living with cancer.


GIFTS stand for 

  • G- God
  • I- Information
  • F- Family, Food, Fruit 
  • T- Treatment and side effects
  • S- Serenity, songs, and sleep


The GIFTS of Survivorship is a four weeks coaching program for cancer patients, survivors, and family members. We offer this program to people with any cancer type, at any stage during and after treatment. 

Beyond cancer treatment, the GIFTS of Survivorship focuses on your well-being, nutrition, and recovery process. You will have access to resources and specialists that help you cope and live well with cancer. 


You are not alone

As a participant, you will have direct access to 

  • Specialist such as dieticians, psychologists and nurses
  • A dedicated care navigator who will coordinate your care throughout the program 
  • Spiritual values and affirmations
  • Survivors and the SOARChampions cancer support community
  • Stories of hope, courage and wellness
  • Clinical advice and a platform to ask questions and get a response
  • Patient educational materials


Am I eligible for the GIFTS of Survivorship program?

Yes you are eligible, if you have a cancer diagnosis and require 

  • A better understanding of your diagnosis and different treatment options
  • Knowledge of how to help your body recover from treatment side effects
  • Expert nutrition advice and emotional support
  • A community to learn from and share your experience with
  • Someone to navigate your care through the healthcare system 


You are also eligible, if you care for someone living with cancer.


How does the program work?

The GIFTS of Survivorship is a 4 weeks hybrid program. All parts of the program are delivered virtually. However, if you prefer a physical meeting we will consider it. Once you signup and register, 


  • A dedicated care navigator will be assigned to you to guide you throughout the program
  • You will have an onboarding session with your care navigator
  • Your care navigator will work with you to design an individualized plan 
  • Our Specialists will share knowledge and develop tools tailored to your needs.


The program is provided by a network of specialists trained to support cancer patients across all domains of life. For 4 weeks our specialist will provide you with individualized support, guidance, and education to help you and your loved ones manage the various aspects of your cancer journey.

When you join the program, our network of specialists will come together and work with you on a plan that best suits your needs. Your care navigator will navigate you through the process of joining our online support group and provide you with the information and resource you need to cope well on your cancer journey.


In line with supporting people impacted by cancer, Sebeccly Cancer Care teamed up with Oncopadi Technologies Limited launched a cancer support group called the Sebeccly-Oncopadi Accelerating Remote Cancer Care Champions (SOAR Champions) in 2020. This support group is dedicated to addressing the unique issues cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers face. The SOAR Champion is an online community hosted on Facebook, Telegram, and the Oncopadi App.



SOAR Champions Milestones

  •       700+ strong members-caregivers, patients, and survivors from 4 African countries.
  •       500 copies of the Chemotherapy and treatment planner workbook distributed.
  •       20 patient education webinars held.
  •       17 e-books and articles developed.

 Our 2023 Goal  

We plan to scale the SOAR Champions online community by promoting the inclusion of 5,000 African cancer patients and caregivers. This online ecosystem will educate, engage, empower, and counsel them in their cancer journey. 



BreastProstheses are available at Pearl Oncology Lekki I Ojo I Gbagada I VI

Breast cancer can be a challenging experience for women because it may lead to significant changes in body image.

We recognise this may be difficult for many women and have made silicone breast prostheses available and affordable.

🎯 Various cup sizes

🎯 Brown colour

*Women who have had a mastectomy can book a 30-minute #fitting appointment

TO FIT & ORDER, PLEASE CALL 09130475177 or 091344455298*

Our goal is to help women look and feel good regardless of breast cancer.

Women who have had a mastectomy can book a 30-minute #fitting appointment by sending a DM or WhatsApp message.


We recommended that clients wait at least six weeks post-mastectomy to allow for proper healing.


Read the breast prosthesis guide to learn more.



Why should you participate in this program?

Life is beyond cancer and we want everyone to live beyond cancer. So if you want to focus on recovery and your well being this program is for you

  • To improve your quality of life 
  • Gain clarity on survivorship
  • To promote calmness during your cancer journey


The GIFTS of Survivorship specialists include;

Cancer Nursing Support and Care Navigators Dietitian sessions
Our care coordinator will provide you with individualized support, guidance, and education to help you and your loved ones manage the various aspects of their cancer journey.

Nutrition is a crucial part of life, cancer treatment, recovery, and prevention. A healthy diet is vital during the cancer journey because cancer treatment can impact how the body uses food and affect the appetite. 

Our registered oncology dietitian will work with you and your Caregivers to counsel you on ways to improve your nutrition, answer nutrition-related questions, and help you achieve and maintain good health. The registered dietitian gives care based on your nutritional and diet needs. 

Psychologist sessions Oncologist session

A cancer diagnosis takes its toll on all aspects of life, from relationships to finances, sleep,  mood, fear, denial, and depression. 

Our clinical psychologists will work with you and your caregivers using behavioral approaches, strategies and medications to assist you and your caregiver cope well during your cancer journey

Our dedicated expert oncologist will work with you to ensure you get the best care. Our oncologist will listen to what is important to you, and then use their expertise to coordinate your care, so it works for you and your caregivers.


Our Plans

We have two plans you can choose from;

Standard Plan – N50,000 Premium plan – N100,000
  • 2 Sessions
    • 1 session with a dietitian
    • 1 session with a Psychologist
  • Emotional checkup
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Counseling 
  • A personalized emotional well-being plan
  • A personalized meal plan 
  • Platform to ask questions and get an instant response about your diet
  • Access to the Oncopadi cancer app
  • Access to Oncopadi  support group
  • 5 Sessions
    • 2 sessions with Psychologist
    • 2 sessions with a dietitian
    • 1 session with an Oncologist
  • Emotional checkup
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Counseling 
  • A personalized emotional well-being plan
  • A personalized meal plan 
  • Platform to ask questions and get an instant response about your diet
  • Access to the Oncopadi cancer app
  • Access to SOAR Champion Support group
  • Priority booking.

Navigate your cancer journey with calm and clarity.

The road from cancer diagnosis, and treatment, to survivorship, is not an easy one. 



Nurturing Wellness: A Guide for Cancer Patients and Caregivers


Living with cancer, whether as a patient or caregiver, can be a challenging journey. It’s essential to prioritize wellness during this time to support physical, emotional, and mental well-being. In this article, we’ll explore practical tips and strategies to nurture wellness for cancer patients and caregivers alike.

Prioritize Self-Care:

  • Caring for yourself is crucial during the cancer journey. Make time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation, whether it’s reading, listening to music, or practicing mindfulness techniques like meditation or yoga. Remember to nourish your body with healthy meals and stay hydrated.

Stay Active:

  • Regular physical activity can improve mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. Find activities that you enjoy and can safely participate in, such as walking, swimming, or gentle stretching exercises. Even short bursts of activity throughout the day can make a difference.

Seek Support:

  • Don’t hesitate to reach out for support from friends, family, or support groups. Connecting with others who understand your experience can provide comfort and reassurance. Additionally, consider seeking professional support from counselors or therapists who specialize in cancer care.

Practice Mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness practices can help reduce stress and promote emotional resilience. Take moments throughout the day to pause, breathe deeply, and focus on the present moment. Mindful activities like journaling, gardening, or simply enjoying nature can also be beneficial.

Communicate Openly:

  • Effective communication is essential for both patients and caregivers. Share your thoughts, concerns, and needs with your healthcare team and loved ones. Be open to asking questions and seeking clarification about your treatment plan or caregiving responsibilities.

Maintain Routine:

  • Maintaining a sense of routine can provide structure and stability during uncertain times. Establish regular daily habits and routines for sleeping, eating, and engaging in activities that promote well-being.

Stay Informed:

  • Knowledge is empowering. Stay informed about your diagnosis, treatment options, and potential side effects. Ask your healthcare team for reliable resources or educational materials to help you better understand your cancer journey.

Practice Gratitude:

  • Amidst the challenges of cancer, finding moments of gratitude can bring perspective and positivity. Take time each day to reflect on things you’re thankful for, whether it’s the support of loved ones, moments of joy, or milestones achieved.